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Bigger is not better at least in the case of food. A super-sized burger or large pizza with extra cheese is way above one single regular snack quota of any healthy adult. Extra calories definitely signify serious health problems in the long run unless you burn that extra calorie through exercise. Our modern lifestyles often become synonymous with a sedentary life style due to the type of work, pressure of work, irregular sleeping habits or from simply being ignorant and unaware of the health consequences.

In this blog I am quoting some tips of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our busy modern urban set up:

  1. Eat smart: Adopting the right nutrition plan depends a lot on the weight of a person. An obese or a heavy weight person needs to eat low calorie food without depriving him of the required nutrition till he comes within the acceptable weight range. Some very low calorie high fibervegetables are celery, lettuce, cucumber, peas, tomato, carrot; fruits include peach, strawberry, watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, orange, apricot; if you wish to drink packaged juice make sure that they do not contain added sugar; lean meat like chicken; fat-free cream or yogurt. Low calorie food does not mean that they can be consumed in large quantities. It will again add up to the weight bar. Some meals that are low in calorie but will prevent hunger pangs are :
  2. Oatmeal cooked in low-fat milk or lentil is a low calorie, high fiber, high protein breakfast
  3. Brown rice or preferably Black rice and lentil soup can be the major carbohydrate and protein intake in lunch. Black rice contains anti-oxidants and is recommended nowadays by doctor as a replacement for the white or the brown rice
  4. Broccoli, Asparagus, Beans, Cauliflowers, and Cucumbers can make healthy salad for snack. Broccoli literally burns fat if consumed. Low fat sour cream can be used as a dip.
  5. Preparations with cottage cheese or yogurt should be in the regular menu.
  6. Soups that contain broth or stalk of chicken and other meat are satiable. Adding fiber-rich vegetable to this broth can suffice as a supper.
  7. Religious work outs: Work outs from an initial 30 minutes to one hour should be done regularly. Physical exercises can be of various forms like: simple jogging or walking, stretching, weight lifting, dancing, sports activity and others.
  8. Meditate: This improves concentration and focus in life. Sit for few minutes with your eyes closed visualizing about one single number or mark on the wall. Your mind will drift during the initial days but with regular practice you can sit at one place thinking about nothing!
  9. Elevate your mood: Arrange your place, lit an aromatic candle, sit in a place from where you can get a good view. Think about a beautiful lake or a sweet memory. Always remember nothing is permanent; not even you. Release your tension and sleep.