Ridiculous Myths and Justified Facts about Diabetes

Diabetes is the most prevalent disease across the globe. This is the condition in which person has the alleviated blood glucose levels wither due to the lack of insulin or due to body’s insensitivity towards insulin. Globally, there are 137 million people suffering from diabetes and 54 million people only in United States. Moreover, the disease is known to be the silent killer as it is the 7 th major cause of deaths in the world.

The causes of the diabetes are numerous and it remains mystery what the actual cause of developing diabetes might be. But still, there are different theories and evidences supporting that diabetes can be influenced greatly by genetics, environmental factors, metabolic disorders, lack of physical activity, poor dietary habits, obesity and many others. However the symptoms of diabetes remain to be clear those are:

1. Fatigue

2. Excessive thirst

3. Blurred vision

4. Stomach pain

5. Weight loss

Further, there are two basic types of diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is rare and is found only in children whereas second type of diabetes is very common and it can be developed at any stage of life.

Being a debatable disease, there are several myths that are common among people. Among them, some myths are facts but not all. In order to get the complete awareness about Diabetes, you need to know the common myths about this condition and truth about them.

4 Common Myths and Facts about Diabetes:

1. Myth # 1: Diabetes is Contagious:

Well, this sounds to be ridiculous. Although there are no complete evidences about how and why some people get diabetes but this myth is completely incorrect.

Truth: You cannot catch diabetes from someone else like cold or flu. There are lifestyle factors and genetic susceptibility that plays a major role in onset of Diabetes.

2. Myth # 2: People with Diabetes Cannot eat sweets:

Well this is the common misconception that diabetics have to completely avoid sweets or desserts. Well there is some truth in this myth but it is not 100 percent true.

Truth: diabetes patient can east sweets, chocolates or desserts but in limit. When these sugary foods are combined with the healthy food choices and adequate physical activity, they are safe to use by diabetic patient.

3. Myth # 3: Eating Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes:

This is the oldest misconception that eating too much sweets or sugar can develop diabetes.

Truth: diabetes is caused by the combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. However, obesity can cause diabetes and obesity is often caused by consuming too much fat and sugars.

4. Myth # 4: Insulin causes Weight Gain:

Type 2 diabetes requires insulin to be injected by the patient. This injected insulin is thought to increase weight of the patient.

Truth: but the reality is this not true. According to the studies conducted by United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study and Diabetes Control & Complications Trial, insulin far outweighs the risk of gaining weight.