Some effective solution to low carb diet problems

Are you doing the low carb diet and you are experiencing some problems? Worry not- since to every problem there is solution available. If you are someone who is doing the low carb diet and you are facing some problems- it is because the body, when experiencing new things such as diet can react to the changes taking place. This article will offer you some solution which can help you with your problems regarding low carb diet problems.

Health problems:

  • If you are having bit painful leg cramps- it is only because you have started the low carb diet for the first time and the decreased amount of carbohydrate content is causing this problem.
  • Effective solution: get some food source rich in magnesium. Drink plenty of water ( water has no calories) and also enough salt- these are also another method of supplementing magnesium, so that no more leg cramps are caused.
  • If the problem is not subsiding- consider increasing a bit of carbohydrate level in the low carb diet. Other problems that can occur in addition to this are:
  • Another problem one can face in the beginning of the low carb diet is constipation. The remedy for this is to eat more green vegetables and also more intake of water, like the previous solution. That can easily tackle the problem of constipation. This problem of constipation is caused due to the sudden cut of carbohydrates. However there are also other healthy alternatives of fibre which can be taken to reduce and finally eliminating the issue of constipation.
  • You can also use milk of magnesia to relieve yourself from the constipation problems.
  • A sudden change in the diet can cause bad breath which is caused by acetone. We usually experience this whenever there is a change in the diet. However, a remedy for this is to increase the intake of carbohydrate by a small amount if the problem is not resolved within a week, also alternatively you can chew some sugar free gum or use a mouth freshener to get rid of the problem of bad breath.
  • An increase in heart palpitation. This problem can be tackled by intake of more water. Alternatively you can also visit the doctor for more advice and solution. This usually occurs due to cut down in the amount of carbohydrate from the meal.

These are some of the problems that one can face when starting the low carb diet. As said earlier- the body takes some time to adapt to the new method of food intake, i.e. less amount of carbohydrates. It is because for long the carbohydrates has been a part of the diet- so it takes a bit of time to get used to the cut down. And if one is worried about ketosis- one can always increase the amount of carbohydrate, ideally it should be over 50 grams. However if the problems persists- as advised, one should go to the doctor for further solution.